Why Does My Car Shake When Braking?

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Are you wondering, “Why does my car shake when braking?” If your new vehicle shakes as you come to a stop, there are several probable reasons why. Does your steering wheel shake or do you feel vibrations in the brake pedal? Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia explores three possible reasons why a car trembles when braking below. Be it the brake rotors, tires, or steering, our service center can help resolve the issue at hand.

Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are the most common reason for a shaking car, specifically warped or damaged brake rotors. When you brake, brake rotors work in tandem with your brake pads to stop the car’s wheels from spinning. Rotors, just like any other car component, age and eventually become thinner. When brake rotors are already weak, the heat generated during braking can cause warping and damage. If you feel shaking in the brake pedal, it’s most likely due to the brake rotors slipping and creating vibrations. Get more information about Mercedes-Benz brake basics!


Tires are another common cause of shaking during braking. Are your tires out of alignment or is it time for a tire replacement? Either way, your car’s suspension system is in a tight spot, as it has to work harder to accommodate. These issues can be especially noticeable right after you hit a pothole or curb in Los Angeles. Check your owner’s manual or contact our service department to learn more about how often you should have your car’s tire alignment checked, along with our services like tire rotation.

Steering & Suspension Systems

Steering or suspension system problems are apparent, as you’ll likely feel the car shaking not only when you brake but also during your regular drives around Alhambra. It’s possible, though, for a single part like an axle shaft to cause shaking or other issues during braking specifically. To ensure your steering and suspension systems remain in working order, it’s a smart idea to have them checked out during tire rotations.

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As you can see, there can be a number of issues at play when a car trembles when braking. That’s why it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by our team of knowledgeable technicians. If your vehicle is shaking during braking, contact us or schedule a service appointment online. Before you schedule your visit, take a moment to browse our current service specials and parts specials!