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With the Rusnak Mercedes-Benz Reserve My Car program there are no obligations and no deposits! It’s this simple – Choose the vehicle you want, in the color you want, add options and reserve it. Just want a new car? Anyone can preorder and get the same benefits as leasing customers. If your lease is due in 3 to 6 months, you now have many options.

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Build Your Own Mercedes-Benz

No matter if you’re in search of a Mercedes-Benz lease or loan, our team can help you get behind the wheel of your own Mercedes-Benz build when you start a Mercedes-Benz order online. We can help you build your own Mercedes-Benz model to your liking. Learn more about our Mercedes-Benz build options and more with our team at Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia near Los Angeles.

Mercedes-Benz Lease or Finance Options

When you place a Mercedes-Benz order, you’ll want to know whether a Mercedes-Benz lease or loan is right for you. Our finance experts can help you determine the right financial path to take. Here are a few benefits to both:

  • Mercedes-Benz lease options: In addition to lower monthly payments, you’ll have plenty of lease-end options to choose from. When you build your own Mercedes-Benz and the time comes for the lease to end, you can either buy the vehicle, start up a new lease, or trade up to a newer model.
  • Mercedes-Benz buying options: Buying your Mercedes-Benz build means you’re making payments on a vehicle you’ll own. This also means you can make customizations all you’d like.

Start Your Mercedes-Benz Order at Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia

Start your Mercedes-Benz lease or loan process today with our team at Mercedes-Benz of Arcadia near Pasadena when you apply for financing online to get pre-approved.