First Class Protection Products

First Class Lease Protection
First Class Lease Protection is designed to provide coverage for chargeable items that go beyond normal wear and use at lease end. It is available at lease origination on The First Class Lease® agreements from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

What is covered? 
Up to $7,500 of excess wear and use charges,  if you drive an average of 25,000 miles per  year or less including: Coverage up to $200 for each missing part Single incident coverage up to $2,000


First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plans
Unmatched coverage that won't leave you flat.
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers two Wheel and Tire Protection Plans to protect the wheels and tires that protect you. Choose from First Class Wheel and Tire Protection, or First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus.

What is covered? 
All costs associated with replacement of wheels and tires due to a covered road hazard* Original equipment and any replacement wheels or tires purchased during the contract period No limit to the number of incidents for the term of the contract Repairs completed by any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer Wheel repair for most scrapes, scratches and other cosmetic damage (Wheel and Tire Protection Plus only)


First Class Paintless Dent Repair
Protection from minor dents and dings.
First Class Paintless Dent Repair helps keep your vehicle in showroom condition despite the unexpected dents and dings that can occur throughout the term of your contract. It's a quick and easy process - that will have you back on the road in no time.  

What is covered? 
Non-invasive repair of minor dents and dings Unlimited number of service visits allowed Repairs made at a location of your choice No repainting required to maintain the original factory finish


First Class Guaranteed Auto Protection
Relax. You're covered.
We hope it never happens to you. But each year, millions of vehicles are totaled in events such as a collision, theft or natural disaster. In many cases, the insurance settlement does not cover the loan payoff.  By adding just a few dollars to your monthly vehicle payment, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services' First Class Guaranteed Auto Protection will protect your financial investment and give you added peace of mind. 


First Class Interior and Exterior Protection Featuring DuPont™ Products
Interior and Exterior Protection.
You want your vehicle's fabric, leather and paint to have the same look and feel they had the day you picked your vehicle up from the dealership. By choosing First Class Interior and Exterior Protection, using DuPont™ protective coatings, you can preserve the appearance of your vehicle - inside and out. First Class Interior and Exterior Protection includes: 

- Fabric Protector 
- Leather Protector 
- Paint Protector 

In addition to fabric, leather, and paint protection, you'll get the following added benefits: 

- 7 year, new-vehicle product guarantee 
- 7 year, pre-owned vehicle product guarantee 
- No need for re-application 
- Transferable to a subsequent owner


First Class Windshield Protection
It's easy to see the benefits.
A perfect view starts with your windshield. When cracks, stars, chips and other damage to your windshield occur, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is there for you. First Class Windshield Protection covers the costs associated with the replacement of a front windshield to ensure a clear view of the road ahead.  

What is covered? 

All costs associated with replacement of a front windshield due to road debris 
Original Mercedes-Benz replacement glass installed by an authorized factory technician 
No out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim