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  • Brian Beatt
    General Manager
    (626) 447-1117

  • Tony Ziemann
    General Sales Manager

    Spoken Languages: English

    With Mercedes-Benz since September of 1990, Master Certified

    Interests & Hobbies: Family, Cars, Wine Making, Boating, Baseball, Hockey, Photography, Electronics

    I began my career in the Automobile Industry as a mechanic, then moved on to Auto Body Repair and Painting, before moving into the Sales Department. My extensive background has afforded me a rather unique perspective of the industry and motivates me to provide a better car-buying experience for our clients. I make a point of trying to see our business from the customer's point of view and encourage our sales staff to treat clients the way they would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. Representing Mercedes-Benz for over 20 years has been very satisfying. It is a great feeling... 

  • William Ho
    New Car Sales Manager
    (626) 462-3008

    Spoken Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English

    With Mercedes-Benz since June 1991, Master Certified 

    Interests & Hobbies: Swimming, Hiking

    I was born in Hong Kong and came to the United States at the age of 21. My first job in the car business was with a Pontiac Dealership. I was then a finance manager for a BMW dealership for 2 years. I started with Mercedes-Benz at Pasadena Imports in June 1991. The dealership was later acquired by Rusnak Auto Group. During my years with Mercedes-Benz, I have enjoyed representing the Mercedes-Benz brand and assisting our great clients. I am very active in the Chinese community and a member of the Hong Kong School Association. I am proud to be recognized as representative of the Rusnak Auto Group. 

  • Perry Dong
    New Car Sales Manager

  • Huy Nguyen
    Sales Manager

    Spoken Languages - Vietnamese, and English

    Interests & Hobbies - Cars, Dirt Biking Riding, and Hiking

    With Mercedes-Benz since 2005, Star Certified

    Prior to coming to the Automobile business I had worked in a restaurant as a server and then as a chef. I also spent time in various retail positions. The thing my previous jobs taught me was that I really enjoyed assisting clients and ultimately customer service. My first job in the automobile business was in Internet Sales. Although I did well and enjoyed sales I saw a great opportunity in becoming the Customer Service Manager at Rusnak/Arcadia so I jumped at the chance. I enjoy assisting our clients and providing them with the best experience possible.

  • Willy Chia
    Pre-Owned Manager
    (626) 462-3049

    Spoken Languages: English and Mandarin

    With Mercedes-Benz since November 1991, Master Certified

    Interests & Hobbies: Auto Racing, Sports and Travel

    I helped run an Indy car race team from 1997 to 2000 which was one of the highlights of my automotive career. The adrenaline from the sound of the racing cars never got old to me. I have always had a passion for race cars and automobiles in general, so choosing a career path in the automobile industry was an easy decision. I started my automotive career in the service department as a Porter and later that same year became a Technician. Three years later, I accepted an opportunity to become a Service Advisor and later became a Service Manager. When I decided a move to the Sales Department was my next step I started as a Sales Consultant. Assisting clients was always a pleasure for me. Five short years later, I was given the opportunity to become a Sales Manager, which is the position I have held since 2001 and continue today. I have met many clients through the years that I have maintained a professional association with and some have even become close personal friends. I am glad to be part of the Rusnak organization which sets one of the highest standards for customer service in our industry. Taking pride in the company and product you represent is the foundation to any successful business and I am truly proud to be associated with Rusnak and Mercedes-Benz.  

  • Chuck Yeh
    Internet Sales Director

  • Ken Lau
    Finance Director
    (626) 462-3119

    Spoken Languages:  English, Cantonese and Mandarin

    With Mercedes since 2004, Mercedes-Benz Master Certified

    Interests & Hobbies:  Hiking, Mountain Biking, Motorcycles, Old Vintage Import Cars, Travel, and Food

    I am a car enthusiast at heart, I love cars.  In college I worked at the World's Largest automobile dealership and was immediately hooked to the car business.  My first position was a warranty clerk in the service department.  Once I graduated from business school, I sold cars.  My positions included retail sales, remarketing, internet sales, finance manager, sales manager and now finance director.  I have been with the Mercedes brand since 2004.  I truly enjoy working with the best of the best.  Mercedes Benz clients have high expectations and I'm happy to deliver the excellent service they're accustomed to.  I like to spend my days off hiking, mountain biking and searching for the best sushi in town.

    Education & Background:  
    CAL POLY, Pomona - Bachelors - Finance / Real Estate/ Law 
    CA Bureau of Real Estate - Broker's License

  • Andy Tan
    Finance Manager
    (626) 462-3069

    Spoken Languages: Indonesian, Mandarin, and Hokkienese

    With Mercedes-Benz since 2013, Certified 

    Interests & Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming, High Tech, and Electronics 

    I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2006 I started a career in automobile sales helping families with their automobile needs. Having a passion for cars, I decided I wanted to offer and represent Mercedes-Benz to my clients. I am very proud to be represent Mercedes-Benz as part of the Rusnak team. 

    I believe in the principal of "the best or nothing" when it comes to customer service. When you buy from me and Rusnak you will see and feel what I am talking about. 

    I would very much like to help you and your family with your automobile needs. 

  • Scott Hong
    Internet Sales Manager
    (626) 462-3046

    Scott Hong
    Internet Sales Manager
    (626) 462-3046
    Spoken Languages - Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English

    Interests & Hobbies - Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Computers, Electronics, and Automobiles

    With Mercedes-Benz since May 2002, Master Certified

    I've always had a passion for fine automobiles. Mercedes Benz is on the top of my list. It easy to represent the brand you truly believe in. My goal is to provide my clients with a great purchase experience and a thorough delivery. It is very satisfying to see how happy clients are when they take delivery of their new Mercedes-Benz.

  • Joanna Rodriquez
    Finance Manager
    (626) 462-3095

  • Sylvia Miranda
    Sales Operations Manager
    (626) 462-3026

    Spoken Languages- English and Spanish

    With Mercedes-Benz since October 1998, Master Certified

    Interests & Hobbies - Attending & Watching Sporting Events, Traveling, Attending Concerts, Cooking, Hiking, & Spending time with Family and Friends

    I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Rusnak Automotive family since 1998, prior to that I was in the travel industry. Since joining the Rusnak Auto Group I have held positions as Receptionist, Cashier, Reception and Cashier Supervisor, Sales Assistant, and my current role as Sales Operations Manager. In all my positions providing great customer service was essential. The knowledge that I was able to provide a level of customer service that exceeded expectations is very satisfying. My current position as Sales Operations Manager has me configuring and ordering the Mercedes-Benz inventory from the factory which is an everyday learning experience that I enjoy. Growing within the company over the years has been rewarding in many ways, the many long term relationships with clients and co-workers are wonderful memories that are endless and irreplaceable.

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